Friday, August 17, 2007

My Purchase for today...

I don't tend to buy alot of spendy designer items as I tend to be one who can find cute items on sale or trendy looking items. The other day I got my SaleMail email and low and behold they had a dress that Dawn and I had been drooling over for quite sometime, the Nanette Lepore Print Shift Dress. I love Nanette Lepore items but have yet to buy one b/c they are usually pretty pricey. But not today my friends, I found that dress for 70% off!!! It went from $275.00 to $81.90... I feel ok spending that on a dress that is as cute as this. So I bought it!! It was funny too b/c the only size they have available was mine - win win!

I immediately emailed Dawn. I expressed how it was supposedly my size (I ordered it online so we'll see how it fits once it gets here) but if it didn't fit I felt good knowing I could just run down to Nordy's and return it. She suggested I let her try it on if that was the case b/c it's a dress that may work for maternity wear too. This is true, however, please do not think I am pregnant when I wear it folks. If it begins to look like people think that then it's definitelly going to Dawn or Nordy's. ;)

So anyways, that was the highlight of the day... Can't wait to get it in the mail!

We have the Danskin Triathalon this weekend - wish Regina and I luck!!

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