Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Sales & Email

I get alot of email from online retailers - gotta keep up with trends and that is an easy way to do it...

I decided to list some of the offers I'm getting b/c I do love a bargain!

Victoria's Secret: Free shipping & handeling with code VSSHIP or you can try their pants risk free with free shipping and returns, code NORISK

Macy's.com: One Day Sale today on their website, ends tomorrow!

Neiman Marcus: Private Shopping Event tonight, 30% off - it tells me to check my email at 4pm tonight... Ohhh mysterious! UPDATE: I got the link for the private sale Use code PRIVATE.
Also, Free shipping on any price, code FIRST

Fragments.com: Place your order by 2pm on thursday, use the code MOM and it's guarateed to get there, free of charge, for Mothers Day.

Spiegel.com: One Day Private Dress Sale

Katespade.com: I never see anything like this on her site... 10% off and FREE shipping!! This offer ends tomorrow.

That's all for now... Happy shopping!

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