Monday, May 7, 2007

Kate Spade, I love you!

I don't buy alot of high end designer items because honestly they seem to be a waste of money most of the time... I can buy so many things for $300 versus 1 dress, ya know. I appreciate nice things, I really do, and now and then it's nice to splurge.

For my 30th b'day my lovely friend Dawn gave me a Kate Spade gift card b/c she knows I have always admired and love Kate Spade yet just won't spend the money. My birthday was in Jan people, it took me 4 months to pick something a finally committ to buying it. It arrived today!! I all but ran to the reception desk where I work to pick up my packade. Thankfully a co-worker who definitelly appreciates such items ran into me in all my joy. She was able to share it with me, which was so much fun!!

I am now the proud owner of a lovely Kate Spade handbag! It's called the lafayette small blue, here is what Kate's site says about it: "just one mile long, new york's lafayette street is a perennially happening stretch that will take you from chinatown, at its base, past busy boutiques and restaurants, then drop you off at one of the city's finest cultural institutions, the new york public theater, before turning into fourth avenue. these soft, modern handbags are the perfect accessory for a stroll around nyc." Ahhh, lovely!!

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