Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Fashionista University

I got an email yesterday about this new program called Fashionista University in NYC and I am so envious of all the lucky guys and gals that will be able to participate. Not only am I to old to participate (it's for tweens and college age kids) but I also do not live in the big apple... Flying out every Saturday for a class for 3 months just wouldn't work. Believe me, if I could figure a way to get past both obstacles I would so be there!

Here is the info from NY PR Firm, Wunderlich, Inc.:

Fashionista University (, a whole new kind of education for the up-and-coming trendsetters of the fashion world. We would love for you to spread the word and let all the teens, tweens and of course parents know about this amazing program by covering on your site and would gladly send you additional information or photos should you need.

Starting this January, middle-school through college-aged students will have the opportunity to take a variety of “Saturday’s only”-seven week, hands on courses where they will learn the ins and outs of the fashion business including design, publicity, wardrobe styling/costume design, event planning, jewelry/accessory design and more. Run by fashion designers Kathlin Argiro and Courtney Zellmer and Publicity guru Gwen Wunderlich-Smith, Fashionista University gives students a Project Runway meets Gossip Girl real world approach, with celebrity, editor and guest designer appearances as well as access to fashion shows, showroom events, publishing houses, TV stations and more! Fashionista University provides tools teens need to turn their dreams into a reality and break in to the world of fashion with opportunities and experiences beyond anything they ever imagined.


Fashion Design 101
Over the 7-week course students will get a firsthand account of running a small business in the fashion industry from designers Kathlin Argiro and Courtney Zellmer. Students will learn how to create a collection from start to finish- from inspiration to presentation and everything in between using examples from Kathlin’s own collection, high-profile guest speakers, and actually take steps toward creating their own line. Students will learn about fabrics and how to use them, color stories, sketching basic fashion figures, story boards and presenting a collection to learn more about themselves as first time designers.

P.R. Prep 101
Fashionistas who are on top of the latest trends and are interested in being a part of the buzz, glitz and glamour are perfect for this crash course in the exciting field of public relations. Gwen Wunderlich of Wunderlich Inc. will help students begin their journey to becoming the next “it” publicist by sharing her expertise in the field, including her background of starting her own company from the ground up. Throughout the seven weeks, Gwen will introduce different aspects of the business that will help each student develop their PR skills and teach them the necessity of being connected. Students can expect field trips to the city’s hottest spots including a trip to the fashionista holy land – New York Fashion Week.

For the first Winter semester starting Saturday January 16th 2010, Fashionista University is offering these two separate classes above allowing students to focus on where their true passion lies, or participate in both courses giving them the ability to gain a better understanding of different aspects of each industry. The Spring Semester featuring additional courses starts March 20th 2010. Please Support the future of fashion by letting young fashionistas everywhere know about this amazing program so they can have a chance to dabble in the fast-paced, glamorous, exciting, down and dirty ins and outs of the industry and take their passion for fashion to the next level!

For more information and registration please visit

We need something like this in Seattle... Hmmmm, could be something worth thinking about for me. :)

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