Friday, November 6, 2009

Glitter Gala Re-cap

Last night was the 2nd annual Glitter Gala held downtown at the Sheraton. As promised, it was filled with lots of glitter - it's patrons sure know how to bring out the bling!

The fashion show began at 7:30 and the theme was the Golden Era of Film. The models were made up of 60 volunteers along with 2 local celebs! All of the clothing in the show will be available at the Glitter Sale on November 14-15th. They had over 30 movie snipits (Grease, South Pacific, Pretty Woman, Gigi, Some Like it Hot, Breakfast at Tiffany's, etc...) paired with outfits that portrayed the film and the era - it was really well done!

The show ended with the winning designs from the students from the Art Institute - they were given $75, a movie to work with (Twilight, Austin Powers...) and then let loose in the Goodwill store. It's like a mini Project Runway...

Check out the photos and experience the fun for yourself!

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