Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tights, Part Deux

When I become obsessed with something I beat it to death... I know this about myself. If you read my last post about tights you know I'm on a mission for cool tights since returning from Japan.

Last night I was getting my hair done and flipping through magazines. I was reading the October issue of Elle and saw the coolest tights on one of the models somewhere towards the back of the magazine. They were sort of a lavender color but had vertical stripes of gold and pink and maybe blue (if I remember correctly)... they sound summery, I know, but they weren't at all. They were more Fall tones of those colors, if that even makes any sense. They were listed at $16.99. Not great but not terrible. I flipped to the back of the magazine to find out where to buy them and recited it over and over to get it in my memory, Emilio Cavallini.

Once I got home I looked up his website and sadly they were nowhere to be found. I have searched online under his name, I have searched Elle's site... I need to grab that magazine so I at-least have a picture of them. (Anyone have it and could snap a picture for me by chance?) I clicked on Customer Service and sent them an email... Hoping for a happy ending, stay tuned!

P.S. I might add you should check out his website as he has some really fun tights and socks!

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