Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fashion Shows, Blog Lovin' and More...

These last two nights have been so much fun. Last night Youa and I went to the SeattleFashionTV kickoff and networking party. I met some really cool people who, of course, are like minded and into fashion. We ended up staying 2.5 hours just chatting and mingling with new and past friends. We loved it!

Tonight was the Luly Yang "Creation" Fashion Show and the Eco-Lavish Show. We wanted to cover both so we got all dressed up and headed to Luly's show first. This was officially my first Luly Yang show so I was giddy!

The show kicked off with some of the kids from Camp Korey, they were adorable and did such a great job walking the runway. There was a call for donations after the show and it appears they raised a nice amount of money for the camp and the kids.

Next was the customer segment which is where actual Luly Yang customers walked the runway in their custom couture pieces. However, the highlight of the segment was the man who actually got down on one knee and proposed to his girlfriend while walking the catwalk, the crowd cheered and gave them a standing ovation. It was sweet!

As for the clothing, there was this one dress that caught my eye, which I have posted here for you to enjoy too, and, yes, it's a wedding gown but it is just so beautiful. I love it!! Where I was sitting I could see Luly backstage smoothing out creases and fixing straps, she seemed to be putting so much care into everyone and every piece that went out. It makes sense though, you can see the care and attention to detail she puts into her collections.

At the intermission we slipped out and headed South to Georgetown... We were sad we couldn't see the finale as there was supposedly a secret dress. I'll just have to wait for Seattle Mag or someone to post it. Did you seen it?

Once in Georgetown we headed for the anticipated Eco-Lavish fashion show just in time for the runway show. Youa took her place at the end of the runway to snag some pictures and I grabbed a seat in the back.

First up was Six Degrees with Think Now Jewelry, then Deco Modiste with Flutter Budget Jewelry, then Texture Clothing with Otra Vez Jewelry and the finale designer was Lizzie Parker with Rockstar Jewelry.

There were so many things I wanted from that show - it makes me thankful they weren't setup selling their clothing or I would have bankrupt myself. So many cute dresses, skirts, tops, jewelry... Oh my!

After the show it quickly turned into a fabulous networking opportunity - I chatted with designers, fashion bloggers, models and more.

The evening continued to be a really wonderful time of making new friends and meeting some face-to-face for the first time. Rather than writing this like a dear diary entry just know that there are some amazing designers and bloggers in this city and I am so happy to have met them and look forward to spending more time getting to know them all.

Thanks Jess and Nadine for grabbing dinner with us!

Ok, must sleep now.

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