Thursday, September 10, 2009


Wow is really all I can say. Tonight was so. much. fun. I just got home from the Neiman Marcus Gala in Bellevue. I had been trying to get a press pass for awhile and finally acquired one! It was worth all the email stalking!

Dawn met me at Neiman Marcus at about 6:45pm. After our media check-in we walked in to the beautiful new Neiman Marcus. I feel the need to mention that all the people greeting us and working in the store were beautiful and well styled. You know who you are Mr. "male model who I have seen before".

First thing was first, we posed for our inaugural picture taken by Team Photogenic and then we grabbed a glass of bubbly.

Oh wait, I am way ahead of myself. The clothing... It was a black tie affair so I picked out a black lace dress I bought at Anthropology years ago... on sale mind you for a ridiculously low price! I was planning on wearing my strappy satin red heels but then Dawn reminded me of "the shoes". "The Shoes" being my $800 Christian Louboutin shoes I won at Barneys... Do you remember that post? I hadn't even thought of them, shame on me, this was the perfect occasion for them. Man was she right. I fit right in! I have never seen so many high end shoes in one place... on people that is as the shoe department actually carried all the high end designers so my statement would be a lie if I didn't mention that.

Ok, so anyways back to the event... Dawn and I headed up to Mariposa's, the Neiman Marcus restaurant/bar, for the VIP party. We found a place to stand so we could people watch but it just so happened to be the perfect place for food as well. Ah the food, everything was so tasty! More champagne please!

At around 7:30, Magic Johnson (Yeah, the basketball player!) and his wife were announced (Cookie Johnson is doing a designer preview tomorrow) and then everyone dispersed into the store to mingle, eat, drink and shop.

Dawn and I carefully examined every floor, tried numerous hors 'd orderves and had another glass of champagne. We chatted with people we knew and didn't know along the way. The clothing and shoes were just amazing. If only I had an endless supply of funds to throw at Neiman Marcus, life would be good... or at least look good.

One of my favorite parts of Neiman's was their shoe department - it was like Barney's on steroids. Barney's has an amazing shoe selection of designer brands but Neimans will definitely be a rival. I guess it's good that one is in Seattle and the other is in Bellevue.

After walking around for 2 hours, we decided to call it a night... actually my feet called it a night, they felt dead, as those shoes were not made for comfort... They look hot though! We were handed an amazing gift bag as we excited - now the excitement will be "what is inside"... (The answer is a Neiman Marcus pop up book, $25 perk card and Anthousa home ambiance perfume with scent sticks.)

If you have a free moment this weekend, head on over to Bellevue to the new Bravern shops and check out Neiman Marcus - its beautiful. They officially open on September 11th.

P.S. I saw a must have for me - a GIANT book on Barbie... Ignore the fact that it was $500 (GULP!)... I just need it for my collection. Take note Santa!

Check out the rest of my pictures from the evening.


Kam Martin said...

hey there... looks like your picture link might be missing an 'h' at the front. wished we'd seen you, i'd love to say hello and actually meet ! glad you had fun !

Tarah said...

Thanks Kam, I made that fix. Yeah, bummer we didn't get to meet, we'll hav to make sure we do! It was so crazy! What did you think?

Tarah said...

Oh, I also feel the need to add that I have heard wonderful things about you! I was hoping to see Darrah too but never did track her down. Did you two go together?

Darrah said...

Too bad we didn't run into you there! I want to see those $800 shoes!!!