Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Thank God For Vacations & Christian Louboutin!

I just got back from a week away for my step-sisters wedding in Ohio and it was a much needed getaway. I was starting to feel a bit "postal" so a week long getaway helped settle the nerves. Phew!!

My sisters wedding was very nice and I was able to see a lot of family... Some I haven't seen since I was a weeee baby...

Once thing worthy of noting here (This is a fashion blog after all) is that I finally busted out my Christian Louboutin shoes! Yes, you read that right, I actually wore them... Well, on the carpet (and a bit of dance floor) but I did wear them! They are amazing shoes but they were not built for comfort. That's not a complaint though, they looked HOT (or so most everyone told me - HAHA!).

For the whole trip only one person knew who the shoes were from just by looking at them and that was my folks neighbor who just so happens to be a fashion designer. Several folks did recognize them as Oprah's favorite shoe once I explained to them who they were from... I don't watch a lot of Oprah but I do know she wears them quite a bit. (Check out this segment she did on the shoes! It's a very interesting article!! Apparently Christian loves the trapeze and the red soles came from frustration and red nail polish...)

Here is a little video of why these shoes are amazing:

So, what do you think about all of this? Would you spend $800 on a pair of shoes? How much would you spend?

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