Thursday, April 9, 2009

Mice on Your Feet?

Has anyone seen these Marc by Marc Jacobs Mouse Slingback Flats? I can't say that I had until I saw them on the Shop It To Me Twitter update. They were $250.00 but are on sale for $175.00. You can find them at Saks Fifth Ave!

They are definitely quirky and different - what do you think?

I think they might be cuter if they were blue patent leather, I'm not a big fan of the designer name/logo being printed all over the fabric... (ie. Coach, Louie Vuitton, Guess, etc..)


oaktree said...

i love them! i would definatley buy them if they were considerabely cheaper. I cann't justify spending that amount on pumps :) i think £40 is expensive for pumps. Maybe its just the student side of me? lol

These are lovely though, i saw a similar type in white a while ago.

Tarah said...

I just think they would be so cute if they were all one color and blue patent seems like it would be cute... or even black. :)