Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Weekend Update

Friday felt like it took FOREVER to get here so by the time it finally arrived I was so happy to know the weekend was within reach.

Friday night was date night for hubby and I. We went to our favorite Italian restaurant and then went to the Cinerama to see Watchmen. It was a good movie but in the middle of the movie I turned to hubby and said "How long have we been in here?" It just seemed to go on and on and on...

Saturday was a relaxing day of sleeping in and catching up on a few TV shoes that had been recorded. I did manage to get downtown for a bit by then rushed home to get changed for the Blush Trend and Beauty Event (which was sponsored by D List magazine and LBD Events and Productions) at Ascada in lower Queen Anne (621 1/2 Queen Anne Ave N). My friends, Melissa and Regina, accompanied me. But first we enjoyed some sushi at Shiki, always delicious!!

The Blush event was a really enjoyable way to spend a Saturday evening! I have never been to Ascada but now will be going to try it out as it's a cool place. There was a VIP reception where gift bags were handed out and after checking one out discovered they were packed full of goodies! They even came with a cupcake from Wink (which are AMAZING!!).

The place got packed pretty quickly with a fashionable dressed crowd. I saw some really adorable shoes on some of those girls! Especially Vantha Ry's (the featured designer), she had these great silver sparkly platform heels. I should have asked here where she got them - they were sassy! (Update: they were also by Report and Report Signature)

The fashion show started at about 9:30pm and Vantha showed 12 looks. Her mom and grandma were even present. Her mother sews all the clothes Vantha designs. Her clothing line is for the petite woman (Sadly, not me). "It’s a clothing line designed for women who stand 5’4” or under—where overwhelming large prints, extremely long hemlines, and unflattering styles don’t exist - Vantha Ry is a clothing line for the woman who wants to make a large impression in the world."

All the handbags seen in the show were from Clutch and the shoes were by Report and Report Signature. (check out the brown thigh high boots, they are HOT!) We had a really enjoyable time at this show, I look forward to the Blush 2! (Thanks Audrey for the invite!)

Make sure to check out the photos I took of the event!

SPUNSunday turned out to be a busy and odd day. I started out the day with a quick 2 mile run around my hood. Then I headed down to the Green Festival to visit SPUN (which I proceeded to stock up on 2 wrap dresses, a boat neck tee and tank top), then I wandered around checking out the other vendors. I even ran into a few I knew (Hi Tara of Revival Ink)!

After the festival, I hopped a bus to "head over to REI" and ended up getting lost in Capitol Hill... apparently I went to far. Thankfully I made it back downtown and over to my 2:15 facial at Spa Noir with a few minutes to spare.

After my WONDERFUL facial I headed down to the ID for my favorite Sunday activity with Melissa, bubble tea! Then to wrap up the day I went back to the bus stop, where I accidentally walked up on some random guy peeing on the garbage can (he looked like a somewhat normal guy too... so gross! Don't touch the garbage can at 5th and Jackson!). In my opinion the bus couldn't get there fast enough!

Now that I am safe at home I must reflect on this weekend and just say it was actually a fullfilling and enjoyable weekend (random peeing guy and all). Don't get me wrong though, I am not ready for work tomorrow!

Hope you had a great weekend too!

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