Monday, March 9, 2009

Name Your Dream Assignment

My photog friend, Renee, has entered a photo contest called Name Your Dream Assignment and needs your votes!! Here is the info:
"I'm entering this photography assignment contest - the winning idea gets $50K to implement it! Here is mine:

I will set up a nonprofit to bring photography to needy children across the globe in attempt to capture our world through their eyes. As I travel, I will seek to capture the essence of their cultures, people, and landscapes.

My dream assignment is directly inspired by the movie, Born Into Brothels and founder of Kids with Cameras, Zana Briski.

I would like to either set up my own nonprofit like Kids with Cameras, or work in conjunction with Kids with Cameras to travel the globe and work with children in need, giving them cameras and showing them the importance of their perspective on life. I would myself be photographing select children from around the globe that participate in the program, their families, cultures, communities.

VOTE FOR ME by clicking this link and then clicking on "PIC IT" to pick my idea! Please forward on to your friends - the top 20 most voted on ideas will be reviewed by the judges. I want to make at least top 20 to see if the judges will pick it!"

Now get on over there and vote!! :)

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