Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Victoria's Secret...

The VS Fashion Show is on right now and I'm watching it with my dad... I'll be posting comments from us. (Sorry Seattle, you have a few more hours till it's on).

Usher is performing (He looks great!). Ohhh Heidi Klum looks beautiful as always!

9:07pm "Good looking women, skinny, in unusual looking outfits" -Dad (When asked what he thought sofar)

Dad spotted Paris Hilton in the audience. I keep missing her though. (Not real sad about that though) "Was that Martha Stewart in the audience?" It was! RANDOM

9:13pm: Updates on the behind the scenes. What a fun show to work on. I like the production noise they are adding.

9:14pm: Man they love showing Martha Stewart... Sorry but she is pretty random.

9:15pm: Marissa Miller looks HOT in that black sparkly number. She is my favorite! Can't say I like the following fishnet-y outfit though.

9:15pm: "I like the cheeks and the bouncing you-know-what's" -Dad (HAHA)

9:17pm: Jeff Gordon... really? Marissa Miller eating a doughnut before the show, her way to not be nervous - she is adorable! I can't imagine she eats alot of those though...

Dad asked if these were clothes from VS, I told him some probably were but most were probably for the show.

9:24pm: Welcome back from the commercial.

"Are these all models?" -Dad "Yep, VS models" -Me

9:26pm: Love Marissa's blue number, the satin blue bra and boy short... apparently so did Mario Lopez.

9:28pm: Model with a bloody foot - Ouch!
The models share their cheesy pick up lines. Hmmm why are they doing that?

9:30pm: I pointed out to dad the dancing girls in the colorful swimsuits during the Pink show were not VS models. "They're not?" LOVE this song from the Ting Ting's!!!

"The Ting Ting's, that's a strange name" -Dad
"There's Martha Stewart again" -Dad

9:32pm: "I like those white boots. Shaggy boots!" -Dad
"These girls don't look natural" -Dad "Which ones?" -Me "All of them, they're to perfect" -Dad

9:33pm: "There's George... the actor" -Dad "Clooney?" -Me "No..." -Dad "Hamilton? Was he real tan" -Me "Yeah, George Hamilton, the real tan guy" -Dad

9:39pm: Usher is back! Dad has heard of him but has not heard of Seal, Heidi's Klum's hubby. Dad wants me to mention I went to his retirement party last night. ;) Congrats dad!! When asked if he could dance like Usher he said "No I can't do that, I would kill myself if I tried"

9:42pm: We're watching how the clothing gets made for the show. What an amazing job they have.

9:45pm" "It looks like she is wearing a fence" -Dad (He is cracking me up!!!)
We like the butterfly wings. This segment is alot of fun but then again I love butterflies. Sorry to say it but there are some big undies in this segment too...

"She looks like a southern belle in a southern hoop skirt... or the hoop without the skirt" -Dad

The last butterfly wings looked like "a tree with cobwebs"

9:49pm: We get to see the multimillion dollar bra after the commercial!! I've seen it in the magazine and it's very pretty. I wonder who buys them... 5 million dollars people!

9:54pm: Love the black/white striped number!!! The show is almost over...

9:55pm: Here it comes!! BEAUTIFUL! I think that was Ashley Judd in the audience "I went to High School with her mother" -Dad

Heidi closed the segment with an amazing red number and giant red/pink sparkley wings. How did that woman have 3 kids...

9:58pm: The models do their walk... fireworks... AMAZING! What a fabulous show!
"I've never seen that many skinny girl all in one place" -Dad

When asked what dad thought he said "Well, it was interesting, not something I would have watched by myself"
Thanks Dad for watching it with me. I had fun!!

Great show! Seattle I hope you all watch it! We're done....


Anonymous said...

A new experience for me, watching a fashion show with my daughter!!


Kelly said...

Hilarious that you watched it with your Dad. He seemed pretty excited, judging from his comment...maybe he'll turn into a UFN correspondent?