Sunday, December 21, 2008

Holy Snow, Batman!

Things have been quite crazy in sunny Seattle lately... oh wait, not sunny but SNOWY! We're not a city that gets a ton of snow usually but we have been getting dumped on for over a week or more.

We have more than 6-8" in my neighborhood alone and I live on a hill... They have closed most of our roads and now they have been turned into sledding hills for kids (and adults). I have yet to get on the sledding band wagon... Maybe I will eventually. I have no sled but I did see pictures today of people in laundry baskets so I may give that a whirl.

Since I'm not skilled in the art of driving in snow and ice the hubby has had to drive on the few times we have ventured out. Cabin fever has set in as not much venturing out has occured. I did catch a bus downtown today (took 50 min to show up after very slowly walking downhill to catch it) to see a movie and then had to walk most of the way home until Jupe, Frani and I flagged down the first bus we saw. Thankfully he stopped and let us get on. That would have been a brutal walk as we had quite aways to go...

My companies Christmas party was last night and we figured we would try and get there (free food and booze)- we made it thankfully. It continued to snow many inches while we were there. Not many people showed up but I will say I had alot of fun with those who did show up and with the duelling pianos that they had as entertainment. I sang my little tone def heart out. I even got one of the guys to bust out a little John Mayer (yay!). Plus they sang "Jesse's Girl" by Rick Springfield. (He is another crush of mine that dates back to when I was 12, plus I've had the pleasure to meet him!)

It appears we'll be having a white Christmas in the NW and a few more days of working from home. Stay safe to all of you out there dealing with snow and bad drivers.

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Anonymous said...

You gotta love global warming??? Even poor Vegas in the desert got dumped with 3 inches. Of course, they thought it was a novelty and loved it. poor palm trees!!! Well, here in's -23 below with the wind chill. It's been hovering around the 0 mark today. More snow on the way tomorrow. I guess the only decent place to escape is Florida! LOL! Enjoy your snow!!!!