Sunday, November 9, 2008

Grand Opening of the Lizzie Parker Store at Tweed

Last night, hubby and I headed over to Greenwood to check out the grand opening of the Lizzie Parker Eco-Atelier at Tweed Boutique. I was curious to see how Tweed would setup shop for a designer inside of their store. I've never heard of anything like this so I just had to go and check it out.

When we arrived the first thing we noticed was that Lizzie Parker has her own signage on the outside of the building. (WOW, that's a huge deal!) Once inside, I checked out the space that Tweed has given Lizzie - it's quite a large portion of their lower level, about 45% (and by lower level I just mean you walk down a few stairs into another section of the store, it's not a basement or below the actual shop).

I chatted with Lizzie as I was curious about how this new relationship would work. She told me that her entire line of clothing would be sold here and that she would still be selling her clothes out of other stores in the area. She said that those other stores had been some of her biggest supporters in this new venture. Personally I think that is awesome as it is such a big step for her. Congrats Lizzie!!

Lizzie's Fall 2008 line is what is currently in store. You can check it out online too. (I was admiring one of her blue (or black) cape's.) Love it!! ;)

Check out the photos I took!

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