Thursday, November 20, 2008

Glitter Sale Finds

I had a little update in the Glitter Gala blog but decided this one needed one all of it's own! So, here goes... Monica, Melissa and myself went to the Glitter Sale on Saturday the 15th and I wasn't really sure what to expect. We got there at about 7am and had about 50 people in front of us.

The first people in line got there at 4am (WOW!) and then others started arriving at 6am (so I was told)... They opened the doors at 9am and it was mass chaos of people rushing to the back to start shopping. I headed to the back to look at shoes and Melissa and Monica went to the vintage area.

I got so overwhelmed by all the people I gave up and went to the jewelry counter. I had #54 (as you can see by the image Melissa had #55) so I could start shopping (they hand out the #'s while in line and then call your number during that sale). I ended up finding some great necklaces, 2 rings and 3 watches (see image at bottom). I am happy with my finds!

I tried to go back and look at clothing but just couldn't... Monica and Melissa found some great vintage dresses and items, I wish I had gone in there earlier... It was getting to be pretty picked over - note for next time, go in there first! (here is an image of Monica showing off her new finds).

The Goodwill employees were so helpful and nice, especially with all the people and craziness they held it together and were patient and kind.

Here are my new jewelry finds - I had so much fun!! If you didn't make it this year make sure you do next year!!

Make sure to check out the photos from the Gala and Sale!


Kelly said...

whoa, you and melissa have been busy! glad you found some good stuff at the glitter sale.

Yours Truly said...

wow... sounds like it went well. :D