Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Re-usable Bags = Moola

Recently I received a sample bag in the mail from Green Chic Bag Company (Thank you April!!)! They make environmentally friendly fashionable bags to bring your groceries and produce home in. The bags are $29.95, lightweight, machine washable, durable, and water resistant (not to mention cute!). ;)

You may be wonder "What's so special about these bags versus all the others out there?". Well, it seems that you can use their bags at several local grocery stores and they actually PAY YOU money!

These local shops will pay you when you shop with a Green Chic Bag:
* WinCo Stores $.06 per bag
* Safeway Stores $.03 per bag
* Albertsons Stores $.05 per bag
* Fred Meyer Stores $.05 per bag
* Target Stores $0.05 per bag
* Whole Foods $.05 per bag
* New Seasons $.05 per bag
* Twenty Third Avenue Books (in Portland) $.05 per bag - (discount only valid using Green Chic Bag Co. bags)
* QFC Stores will donate $.035 per bag to charity.

I emailed April and asked her what needed to be done to cash in and I was told: "All of these stores will pay a person the amount listed per Green Chic Bag they bring in - it doesn't matter if it a reusable grocery bag or produce bag. When people go up to the checkout they just tell the clerk that they have brought (number) of Green Chic Bags. The discount is available at all of the stores listed on our site in any city."

What a great way to make a tiny bit of money (for your pocket or charity) and help save the environment from plastic bags. They are even offering a special promotion right now: Buy 2 Bags, Get 1 Free! Use Promo: TRICKTREAT at checkout.

I need to buy a few more so they will counterbalance my grocery bill...


Kesley Zahn said...

Hello! My name is Kesley Zahn and I am a Journalism major at the University of Iowa. I'm currenty doing a story on resuable bags becoming a fashion trend for women and was wondering if you could help me with this. What do you know about the trend towards selling reusable bags as a fashion item? Is it because “going-green” is in? Or is it because it's “trendy?"

The following are my questions:
1. Why are people carrying these bags?
2. When do you think this trend started? Why?
3. Do you think this is a fad that will go away or a fashion item that’s here to stay?

Thank you for your time! I really appreciate it! I look forward to hearing from you soon! I'm working on a deadline so the moment you have a free chance, that would be helpful. Feel free to call me!

Kesley A. Zahn
847.858.3745 (cell) (email)

Tarah said...

Hi Kelsey,
I don't think carrying the bags is really about being trendy as it is more about being eco friendly. It may depend on the city you are in though. In Seattle there is a huge percentage of people who really do care about the environment and want to be eco-friendly and don't care about the trend. But in some other cities where recycling isn't as popular or even really done I would think it would be considered more trendy. But then again are they even carrying re-usable bags?

In Seattle there was going to be a fee for getting plastic and paper bags so people started getting ready for that but it seems now that will be going to a vote so the outcome is uncertain. However, it's definitely been a city where I have seen people bring their own bags to places for quite a long time. I can't actually say when it started though.

I don't think it will go away anytime soon as it's actually nicer to bring your own bags. They seem to hold more and are much easier to carry. Plus a lot of places will give you a discount for using them so that is a nice incentive as well.

We do have some great designer options around here though, so we get the option of being trendy and not having to carry boring ole bags. is currently one of my favorites, I have 2 of her bags and love them! I have others if you need more designers names.

If you need anymore info please shoot me an email and I'll do what I can to help ya out!