Saturday, September 13, 2008

Posh Party & VIP Shopping

Tonight Dawn and I headed over to the Eastside for the BFW Posh Party and VIP Shopping event. We arrived around 6pm and were treated to the signature cocktail which was a grilled pineapple with cracked pepper martini. It was very tasty but the cracked pepper kept reappearing in my mouth every so often (not a fun visual, aye?)

Anyways, I snapped some photos of guests and we meandered around snacking on chicken, steak, bacon wrapped dates, chicken salad sandwiches and a caprese type salad on baguette with melted cheese (my favorite!).

We were let into the runway area around 7pm where it was a mad rush to seats. We sat toward the end of the runway with an aisle seat so I could get some pictures of the runway. I ended up having to move around a bit as we had a photographer perched in our aisle (you can see his head, hand or camera in alot of my shots). Sadly I'm still not used to the new camera and my battery died towards the end of the show (Rocker Chic was the segment I missed). Sorry. :(

Terri Morgan, of TCM Models, introduced the show and shared with us her top 10 picks for Fall. I'm sure Dawn will list those when she does her write-up on the clothing. Apparently black is back... I didn't get the memo it ever went away. But, just so you know, IT'S BACK! I am in love with all the purple - I have to find something now in that deep beautiful shade I keep seeing...

After the show we headed over to the mall and wandered around soaking up as many of the discounts that we could. I got the hubby some free boxers from Road Apparel, bought a Christmas gift for my sister-in-law and got myself some socks and a yoga mat from Lucy.

It was another great show... We have a few more so stay tuned!!

Check out the pictures!

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Kenneth Fron said...

Tarah, OMG! I wish you were my sister... you always seem to find the coolest and most interesting things to see and do!