Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Collective

Tonight was the final show of Bellevue Fashion Week, The Collective. Dawn was unable to attend so my co-worker Katelyn came with me. The Collective is a show consisting of collections of clothing from several of the Bellevue Square merchants. Participating merchants were: Aerosoles, Aritzia, Banana Republic, Cache, David Lawrence, gilt, GUESS?, JZ Rose, Louie Permelia, Macy's, MARQSMEN, Mercer, Oilily, Road, Sephora, Shoefly, and Voletta Couture.

We arrived at 6pm where we were greeted by Cheryl Engstrom of Engstrom PR, she has been such a huge help to us since we started with getting us into the Bellevue shows. Thank you Cheryl! We were then escorted to the runway before the guests so we could pick out our seats. I picked the right side front of the runway - no photographer heads in my shots this time! (YAY!)

After getting situated, we headed back out to join the rest of the fashion guests and had a few Hermosa Sunset cocktails and appetizers from Z’Tejas Southwestern Grill. At 7pm guests were let into the runway area, it was a mad rush for seats where gift bags were waiting for them. The show was opened up with a large check being presented to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Bellevue from 100% of ticket sales from the evening.

The runway segments were easy to follow with their cute titles, each one worked with the clothing perfectly (i.e. Updated School Girl). I labeled them in the photo album so you could see where they begin and the collection associated with it.

After the show we said our goodbyes and then headed to the main room for dessert - we were given some of the best coconut cream pie dessert with fresh fruit EVER... ohhhh... just thinking about it my mouth is watering.

To wrap it all up in a nice little bow, Bellevue Fashion Week gets better and better every year. It is always very organized and well planned out. Plus, the swag bags are always a plus. You don't hear anyone complaining about the great gifts and discounts they get for the week. If anything you could start your Christmas shopping that same week, the discounts they are-a-plenty! See you next year for BFW!!

P.S. Do any of you loyal readers recognize the male model in the first picture? It's adorable Jesse Taylor, my male model mini crush... (no worries, the hubby knows... and I think Jesse may as well... HAHA!).


katelyn said...

What a blast! I loved the bold statements: whether it was blocks of color, bold prints, or amazing floppy hats, clearly Bellevue is ready for fall!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures you have here. I was at this show too and had sooo much fun. I was wondering if you knew how we can see the pictures from the professional photographers that were snapping pics and video all night. My friends and I posed for a few of them and now we're wondering where they're at. Any help is appreciated. Thanks! Minnie

Tarah said...

I'm not sure what photographers were there... I check Team Photogenic's website they have pictures from the Nordstrom show. I emailed in a request to find out who else was there so if I find out I'll post another response here. :)

Tarah said...

Red Fish, Blue Fish Photography ( was the "official" photographer of the event. I don't see picts on their site just yet...

jennifer said...

Yes! We were the official photographers for Bellevue Square's Fashion Week! We'll have photos up on our blog later this week--then, all images will be delivered to our client, Bellevue Square. I'll check to see how we might make images available to the public. :)

Kelly said...

I have 2 VERY important questions: 1) what was in the gift bags? I hope you got fab gifts! 2) where were the BEST coconut cream pie desserts from? I want some!

Tarah said...

To answer your VERY important questions: ;)
1) The gift bags had product, several candles, gift cards, discount cards, and soap from Lush!
2) The yummy desserts and food were from Z'Tejas in Bellevue!