Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I Craved Some CRAVE (and firemen) Tonight!

For the record, I have Project Runway on pause so I can write this...

Today was a busy day of day job work and then UFN work. All of which was good! ;) After work I met up with Cory from Style Scout for a little iced tea and conversation. He has an amazing site and I want to get involved with them. If you haven't checked out their preview site, please do, it's perfect for finding that outfit you've been looking for. Plus, if you're coming to the UFN Birthday Bash you'll need something swanky to wear - here is your chance!

After our meeting I headed over to meet up with Regina at the Shilshole Bay Beach Club for the CRAVE Summer Party. I took lots of pictures of the local designers and businesses that were there for those of you who couldn't attend but are always wondering what happens at those CRAVE events. Check them out! (Regina really wants some red boots, as you can see from her picture.)

We missed the salmon BBQ but there were plenty of women outside making s'mores (who doesn't love a good ole' s'mores?). While outside I purchased a 2009 calendar from the hottie firemen... Their hot tan, muscular, tattooed arms... Um! (Sorry, I got off track there...) I really didn't need a calendar but they sure are good at making you think you do, plus they're hot so it was hard to say no - the money does go to help burn victims. Each one of them signed it with a cute yet somewhat naughty note... I love it!

I chatted with a few designer friends who were vendors about the show, Candice from Fashion Ethic and Gaby from Gabrielle Renee Jewelry. Plus, I ran into an old co-worker from my day job who has started her own life coach business called Momentum LifeWorks - congrats Bridgette! I also made a new friend, Darcy of LifeStyled, she is a personal stylist, what a fun career!

Wax On was there doing what they do best, waxing, so I decided it was time for an eyebrow wax, easy enough! Ever since I arrived, I had had my eye on this beautiful silk dress from a shop called Laura Victoria. It just so happened to be my size so I tried it on, low and behold, I bought it. I'll be wearing that to the Birthday Bash. Thanks Laura and Heidi!!

If networking and shopping are your thing then this is definitely an event to consider. There is a bar, food, shopping and really cool women wandering around, what else do you need? Regina and I had a great time mingling and I can't wait for the next CRAVE event... As I said in the header, I craved some CRAVE tonight. The firemen were just an added bonus!

Ok, time to watch Project Runway... (I love the DVR!)

UPDATE: I spoke to soon about my DVR because now it's on the fritz and it won't let me watch Project Runway - it keeps freezing. UGHHHH!!!!! Damn DVR!

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