Friday, August 15, 2008

Goodbye La Rousse... Well, Kinda...

Well, today I got the "official" email... La Rousse is closing September 30th. THANKFULLY, you can still shop online! It's like going to the store, but in your PJ's (or nothing at all), however you choose to do it.

When we first started Urban Fashion Network, Amanda was one of the first shop owners we met, and from the get-go she has been supportive of us and our site! She is just amazing! Thank you Amanda!

Yesterday I went to her VIP closing sale and perused the many racks of clothing. I picked up 2 LA Made items, a hot pink top and black dress. Regina, who went too, picked up 2 amazing dresses. One of which I wanted so bad but was a size to small for me. DAMN! Oh well, I told her I'd have to get down to a size smaller so I could borrow it. ;) Lucky girl.

So, you better hurry and get on down to La Rousse to pick up some amazing pieces at low low prices!! Here are the details straight from Amanda's email:


* Take advantage of liquidation prices and save 50%-90% through out the store.
* Save 20% off new Fall 08 merchandise.
* After September, I will continue to maintain the online store and blog. We are getting some great new indie designers for Fall 08!
* Also, I will be taking private clients that are invited to come to my home showroom in Capital Hill to buy new and vintage items.
* When clients make an appointment, I will have a number of items pulled aside for them to make shopping more efficient.
* If you are interested in learning more about becoming a private client, please email me at or call the shop 206.448.1515.

There ya have it, stop thinking about it and head on down there now!!

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