Thursday, July 10, 2008

John Mayer. Coach. Hong Kong. Part 二

John Mayer picture from Fashion Vixen Hong KongOne of my favorite blogs, Fasion Vixen Hong Kong, just posted her interview she did with John Mayer while he was in Hong Kong for the Coach store opening - it's a great one! (If only I could figure a way to interview him for some reason... hmmm... Is awesomeness a good reason? Goal #275, interview John Mayer.)

She told me she had some amazing shots of him and after seeing this one I can only imagine. He looks way HOT in this picture, dont'cha think?! ;)

(photo from fashion vixen hong kong, CLICK ON IT, it's even better in it's full size, I promise.)

UPDATE: She just posted more picts, check em out!! Her site states that they were shot by Laurent Segretier for Prestige Hong Kong. (Beautiful shots, Laurent!)

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