Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Portland on my mind... (sorry Georgia)

perfect trench by emily katzThe other day I suggested to my husband that we possibly consider moving to Portland. He went on and on about how there are tons of street kids and how he read some article recently about how they seem to multiplying, etc, etc... Ok, my reasoning for wanting to move there had nothing to do with street kids, it was all about Portland's fashion scene... and what a scene it is!

I am constantly looking for events in Seattle and Portland and it seems everyday I find more and more desirable fashion events in Portland. They really seem to be stepping it up. We started UFN August 22 of last year so I wasn't really searching for Portland events prior to that... But everyday I am amazed at all the cool events I find. The events I am finding are full on runway shows (I love a good runway show!). Keep an eye on our calendar b/c I keep listing more and more...

Plus I seem to be meeting more and more designers (Emily Baker, Emily Katz, Erin Macleod... the list goes on)from that area and they are super cool, edgy and most are eco friendly.

I ran across this blog that I keep going back to. It's through the Portland Mercury and it's all about... you guessed it... fashion!

I think another road trip to Portland needs to happen soon!

P.S. Don't get me wrong, Seattle has tons of great fashion events!! I just like to keep up with all of them. :)

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