Thursday, April 3, 2008

Kate Spade... and paper or plastic

I can't help myself, I love her! I feel the need to spread the Kate Spade joy to the world... Here is another offer from her majesty, 20% off! :)

Also, on a completely separate note I was reading the Seattle Times online yesterday and saw this article about paper or plastic. Apparently our mayor is pushing for customers to be charged a 20-cent "green fee" per bag used at the checkout line in grocery stores, etc. I get why they are doing that but it seems rather odd that we are basically being forced to be "green."

I was talking to Regina and we both were saying we have the reusable bags but constantly forget them at home. Plus we both reuse those plastic bags for our lunches, to line the trash can, to hold yucky kitty litter, for carrying our wet swimsuits home, etc... I then mentioned that I guess I will just have to try and start now so I'll be in the habit when this happens Jan 1, 2009. Thankfully, 20-cents isn't that much money b/c I know I'll end up forgetting sometimes. What are you thoughts on the matter?

If your looking for some adorable bags to use for your grocery shopping I suggest Marlo's Tote2go bags! She makes amazing bags out of recycled fabrics. They are 2 bags that fold down into a small pouch which makes them oh-so-portable! Viola! They start at $42 and are well worth it!!

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