Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Warehouse Sale ~ Seattle

Early this morning Melissa, Regina and I went to the Warehouse Sale at Seattle Center to try and score some designer jeans and bargain prices. Last year I ended up getting a pair of Hudsons and Chip and Pepper jeans. Regina had no luck. Melissa purchased two pairs. We were hoping this year we would all find a few pairs and noone would walk out empty handed!

Our game plan was coffee at 8:45am, get in line at 9am, shop at 10am. We did get in line pretty close to 9am and thankfully were in the front of line and part of the first wave of shoppers. On my first run i grabbed 22 items and headed for the dressing room. It was a sea of girls and denim piles in the make shift dressing room. I walked out of the dressing room with 7 pairs that were front runners.

I found Regina and Melissa and we decided to do one more quick dressing room run to show each other what we found and get each others opinions. That dressing room run was pretty crowded and there was a line to get out of the dressing room and to get in. We tried to get in and out as fast as we could.

We were all successful this trip as we each walked away with 2 pairs each. I found a pair of True Religion jeans (something I've been wanting) and Chip and Pepper.

The jeans I purchased retail for around $187 each... I didn't pay that much for one pair but I did pay about that for both. The True Religions were the most expensive... go figure.

The line was really long when we walked out - thank God we went early!! Yay for planning ahead!!

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