Thursday, February 7, 2008

NY Fashion Week... and a regret

I have always had a fascination for New York City and especially NY Fashion Week. I once had a chance to attend a Patricia Field show but sadly it didn't work out for me as it was the day before I arrived in NY... But there is still time, I'm not dead yet! I will go sometime in my life! (Regrets are not a good thing to have in life! Hello Mayercraft Carrier!*)

I recently got an email from Saks and apparently there are adding videos to their site throughout Fashion Week. So, for those of us who want to go but can't right now, here is a 2nd option!


*Yes, I currently regret not going on John Mayer's, Mayercraft Carrier cruise this last weekend. I am a paying L83 fan club member, had first dibs on tickets and opted to not go... Why!? It looks like it was so much fun. I would be lying if I said I wasn't sad I missed out... Next year!

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