Tuesday, January 8, 2008

If ugly wore a dress...

If ugly was a person and she chose a dress to wear I think this would be it... OMG this dress is so ugly. To think someone out there could have paid the retail price of $475 for this hideous sheath... Sorry if you own this dress... but if you do, really... what were you thinking? I seriously wanna know what would compel someone to spend that much on this dress. Even on sale it's still not the right price in my opinion. If it was free then maybe... I get that we all have our own personal style and taste but this dress doesn't do anything for the skinny model that's wearing it.

No, not even if it was free...

This would be a great dress to recycle and make something else out of it. Like a purse or something. May I also add that anything that was $475 should NOT be this ugly... It should be a law! Like time should be served if that law is broken... Murders, sex offenders, old lady bashers, people who make dresses like this and charge $475... they should all be behind bars. (ok, not really...)

So, this has been my random rant for the day... Let's end it with a positive... There are some really cute dresses at Nordstroms on sale right now. I know it to be true b/c I saw the email... Like this one, I love this one!!

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