Monday, November 5, 2007

"You can't even spell OLD SKOOL!"

This weekend was quite a busy one... Urban Fashion Network participated in the Crave show for the first time ever. I even setup my jewelry, which was a first for me in regards to Crave as well. We had 18 vendors there under our UFN umbrella. Everything seemed to go well for the most part. We had some space issues at first but Melody of Crave was kind enough to let us expand into another 1/2 space. So we were able to spread out a bit more and give the vendors more room to sit. To see who was in the show with us go here. I also took picts at the show, they are here.

photo courtesy of Liminist.comSaturdays show started out pretty slow, had a little spike in the middle of the day and then slowly died off... I wandered around a bit passing out flyer's and checking the place out. There was ALOT to do. I had my eye brows waxed for $15 (normal rate, tasted some gourmet food, sampled chocolate, drank Twist water, drank Dry Soda, tried to get a psychic reading but there was a line, shopped from many vendors, had our picture taken in the Liminist booth, watched some yoga classes, and much more...

One highlight for me was 92.5 was there and I had called a few days before to see if they'd be giving away houseparty tickets - they said yes. So I made sure to stop down there and see when. 3pm Kim told me... My cell phone alarm went off at 2:50 and I ran down there. I was the only one there until about 2:59... These women came down and I joked and said oh no, I was here first, there my tickets!! Then one of the women replied "Honey, you can't even spell old skool! and the other woman said "take off the diapers!" - yeah, it was on!! (HAHA) We went back and forth and then it came time to the questions... WE all missed the first one, I got the next one, then they asked me to stick around to help them... I gave them both the answers to their questions... Who can't spell old skool!!! I was just so excited I won tickets, I have been trying for weeks.

That night Regina, Melody and Melissa and I hit up the Emerald Queen Casino for a little Rick Springfield concert... Sadly, it was not the best show I have seen. It was my 3rd time seeing him and for $57 (way to expensive for where we sat if you ask me) I can't say I was impressed. He did some guitar solo that went on forever and then some bluesy riff and song that just didn't seem to fit... I want to hear the classics, re-live the old days, ya know... He did play the old favorites thankfully. He looked great!! Emerald Queen is not a location I like at all. After we left I forgot my coat and about 5 min later I realized it and went back - it was gone. No one has turned it in as of yesterday. I can't believe someone stole my coat. What a horrible person to steal someones coat - you know I need it! I took a few illegal picts, apparently you are not allowed but I was stealthy! I had to hold the camera up against my chest so the screen could not be seen, hence the lovely images of some ladies head...

Sundays show was busy up until about lunch and then it slowly died off through the day. I didn't sell anything all day long. All the vendors started packing up at about 5:20 but we decided since we organized all of this that we should wait and be last, you know that whole be an example type of dealio. Thank God I did wait with my jewelry b/c I had 2 large sales at 6:00ish. They made the whole weekend for me, especially b/c I had made 2 not so small purchases at the show.

I'll post some pictures tonight and hopefully can add some of our silly photos from the Liminist booth as well.

Hope you had a great weekend!

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