Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The weekend recap...

Sorry I haven't blogged in a few days... I've been lazy as there was so much going on this weekend, it's been nice to just go home and do nothing.

So let me recap the weekend for you... Friday night was the House Party show put on by Movin' 92.5. We were on the floor so we moved close to the front but off to the left side. We watched Rob Base, Naughty By Nature and Coolio. (We left before Candyman and Tony Toni Tone played).

Apparently when it comes to concerts there is no such thing as concert etiquette. (Maybe I should have known this but I haven't ever had any issues as far as I can remember). People were shoving their way in front of us, and by shoving I mean literally pushing us out of the way. No "excuse me", just a big giant shove... And it tended to not be small people but rather large people which made the shove even more aggressive. One guy, who we have affectionately named Big Breasted Barry, decided to get right up on Regina and try and push her out of his way to get in front of us. We had had enough so we turned around and told him to back off. He then told us he wanted in front of us (He was taller than both of us). We told him to just go around us. (It's not like we were taking up the entire front of the stage). He laughed and said no he wanted to go "through" us... We stood firm. He then proceed to be annoying, whistling loudly in our ears, calling us bitches, pushing us, rubbing up against poor Regina... I got pretty pissy with him after awhile which his response was "You know you want me!" , I laughed and said "Yep you got it, you and your giant man boobs!" (Sorry but it was a weak moment, he had pushed me over the edge and I couldn't abide by my if you have nothing to say rule...) Finally his wife saw him and yelled for him, he called us bitches a few more times and then FINALLY went around us to the front. He enjoyed harassing us, he just laughed the whole time like it was some fun joke to him (did I mention Coolio was on the stage this whole time?)... Ughhhh!!!! After Coolio we bailed, we'd had enough of that place. (check out the pictures!)

Saturday was a pretty lazy day for the most part. I met up with Regina for Bamboo Garden and then we headed over to the UnZipped fashion show. We ran into some friends and had a cocktail. I enjoyed the clothing in the show, I saw several items I liked. The choreography was a little different but I'm sure it was just supposed to be part of the atmosphere of the show... Oh and Regina and I dressed like twins, not on purpose either...

Sunday, Regina and I got up early and headed to Seattle Center for UnZipped. We setup our table in the sponsor area and I set my jewelry as well. It started out pretty slow but by the end of the day we had done alot of good networking, which is always a win for us. I sold no jewelry but then again I really wasn't there for that. I loved the setup of the designer area - the lighting was great and everyones stuff looked good in that room. It was inviting. (I forgot my camera Sunday so I have no pictures from the event...)

Here are the Unzipped pictures we took, but please view Liminist.com too - they have more professional looking images. Plus, you can use their images as long as you make sure to credit them!

After the show we loaded up our UFN stuff and headed home, we were done by about 6:30pm. The rest of the night for me consisted of lots of nothing... Ahhhh!!!

So anyways enough of my ramblings, have a great week and a Happy Thanksgiving!!

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