Sunday, November 11, 2007

My new coat and some weekend updates...

Regina and I went down south to the Auburn Supermall to shop for bras... For all those ladies out there you know how much of a pain it is to find a good bra. Many months ago I visited the Maidenform store down there and was lucky enough to find 5 bras and walk out of there with a bill of about $60... What a bargain!!

I was determined to buy a few more and try and not spend a fortune. Trust me I love going to Nordstrom but you walk out of there with 2 bras and have spent about $100 so I wanted to save money and still find quality bras.

We decided to check out the Steve & Barry store that carried the Sarah Jessica Parker line, Bitten. Regina hadn't seen the line yet so we went in and found several cute items. I decided not to buy anything as what I had in my hand seemed pretty similar to items at Old Navy so I figured I'd check them out first before committing to the Bitten items. Old Navy was next and I went in looking for a turtle neck and walked out with 3 turtle necks, 2 sweaters and a pair of brown wide leg pants.

Our next destination was Maidenform, the store we had driven all the way down there for. I walked out of there with 4 bras, 5 pairs of undies and a night gown and spent about $100... 10 items people!!! That's a great deal if you ask me!

We were then headed to Nordstrom Rack but were sidetracked by Burlington Coat Factory since I have been on a mission to replace my stolen coat. I had no idea BCF had so many items, I thought it was just about coats. I instantly found a cream colored sweater for $16. Then we wandered the coat area (which was so disorganized and crazy) when I spotted a cute Esprit coat... I had a few coats on my arm to try on but ended up whittling it down to just 2 - a cute cream colored swing coat and the black/white military style Esprit coat. Esprit won! It was originally $225 but I got it for $99 - it's so cool, I love it!! It isn't the perfect coat for brown but I figured my red one would serve that purpose. So now I am all good on coats!!

We were pretty beat after BCF so we decided to call it a day. By the time we left it was about 5pm and so dark out... I am really disliking how it gets dark so soon, I can't get used to that.

Oh, quick weekend update. Reagan was the winner of the Best Working Pet picts category - yay!! She had a fun time mingling with the other dogs and being on the runway. Read about it on her blog! Thanks to Tim, Frani, Matt, Kelly, Regina, Scottie, Isabelle, Kona and Scooby who came to support Reagan in her first ever runway event.

Here are the picts we took!

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Dawn said...

that is an awful lot of sweaters for a girl who claims to not like sweaters