Monday, October 1, 2007

High School Musical I Heart You!

Ok, first things first... let me start off that I meant to blog this weekend about what we did... Sorry I am late in doing so.

Saturday was the end of Seattle International Fashion Week so UFN went to the finale runway show. We got in on a media pass, bought a drink and then headed in to get a seat (check out Dawn's blog for the 411). Here are the pictures I took.

Ok, now for the headline of this blog... I love High School Musical. I read Perez Hilton religiously and he is always talking about this movie and the people on it... I usually just skip over those parts and read on for the John Mayer news, who's having a baby, divorced or loosing their children. Not anymore my friends, I Heart HSM! I was flipping through the digital cable yesterday and just happened to see that the Disney Channel had HSM and HSM2 back to back. I figured "Why not, it's a lazy Sunday".

I am hooked. The songs were catchy. The acting wasn't half bad. The story actually held my attention. I felt invested in their lives towards the end... (Man that Zac Efron is a cutie! He's 19 people... a little to young for me, but old enough for me to think he's cute!)

I don't know if I have ever mentioned this here but I LOVE cheesy 80's movies, high school movies, girly flicks, sappy stories, stupid humor... all in all ridiculous movies. (Don't judge me, I do love foreign films - I can enjoy a great movie.) But there is something nice about vegging out to something totally silly that requires absolutely no thought at times. You can escape everyday life for a few hours and just laugh at something stupid. Call it a guilty pleasure of mine!

I wasn't able to watch the 2nd one as Desperate Housewives came on and I had to watch that. :) So, to keep up with fashion conversation, the outfits in HSM were really well put together for the movie. I enjoyed the "evil-ish" character Sharpay's outfits - they were always so interesting (see picture above). It was fun just waiting to see what she would have on next (not saying I liked them all, just that they were perfect for the movie). The whole movie was just so colorful! I loved it!

Side Note: I just read that there may be a HSM3... Hmmmm... Guess I should see 2 then! It's making me relive my Saved by the Bell and 90210 days... ahhh when life was simpler...

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