Thursday, August 23, 2007

Launch Party at the W - AMAZING!!

Last night's party at the W Hotel was amazing. I met so many cool people!! Thank you to all who could come out - that meant so much of us.

I tried to talk to everyone but that was impossible. THANK GOD for Regina and Dawn, between the 3 of us I believe we talked to everyone. I could never do it alone!!

DIFFA was so generous to us to allow us to be apart of their event. It appears they raised a good amount of money. Thank you DIFFA! You guys are awesome!

I was pretty bummed I didn't take pictures until the end of the evening. I missed so many people that way. If only I had had someone else be in charge of that then it would have been done - I was way to busy talking. I did, however, put the pictures I did take up on the site - Check them out!

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