Sunday, May 6, 2007

New Shoes for ME!!

Today was a beautiful day so I thought I would go to Nordstrom Rack with the intention of returning a tan coat and leaving... Oh no... That wasn't the case at all. I decided to just "look" at the shoes. However, I did anything BUT just "LOOK". First, I tried on these adorable Paolo black wedge peep toes for $39.90, sold!
Then I found these ADORABLE turquoise Coach sandals that were marked down from $185 to $69.90, sold!
Then I found these patent leather blue peep toe Steve Madden flats for $49.90... SOLD! I exchanged the $35 coat and felt pretty good that I got atleast one pair for sort of free - well, not really, but I want to think it was kinda free, ok!?

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