Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Giving In...

I've lived in Seattle now for over 8 years and have never really used an umbrella. It's pretty standard to see most people wearing their REI raincoats vs carrying umbrellas actually. I think it's a "We're to cool to be bothered by this rain" attitude. Besides, we're used to it as it happens pretty often... After going to Japan and seeing all the umbrellas and seeing how you can snag an umbrella from any shop, restaurant or hotel to use for the day, to then replace somewhere else, was amazing. I wish we did that here! But would people be honest enough to drop it off at another location vs their house? I dunno... Would you?

So, anyways after walking to work in the rain and having my jeans, shoes and leather purse get soaked I decided I am gving in, I am buying an umbrella. Now sure, I could go to my local drug store and buy a small cheap one that could fit in my purse but I would rather find a stylish one that I am pleased to carry. Instantly Pare*Umbrella came to mind. It's a local company that I added to Urban Fashion Network 2 years ago.

I've never met the owner/designer, Satoko Kobayashi, but have seen her umbrellas a few times and knew they were stylish and fun. Exactly what I want! So after careful perusal of her catalogue I selected the Love Me Tender umbrella. It has butterflies and I'm a sucker for butterflies!

Now I wait and try to stay dry until it arrives!

About Pare: "pare * umbrella’s designer umbrellas are stylish, chic and the perfect compliment to any stylish outfit, whether it’s walks in the rain or just for show. Our full length fashion umbrellas are inspired by the unique, fun and chic umbrellas of Tokyo, Japan. Each pare * umbrellas is selected for their original design and color and make the perfect gift for friends and loved ones who like an umbrella with a little fun and style. "


Allison said...

Hi Tara! At my shop in Snohomish, I've always kept a basket of free umbrellas reserved to hand out to soggy shoppers. No matter to us whether they handed 'em off to another soaked soul or held onto 'em in case of Seattle, er, *rain*...I used to see loaner umbrellas at Country Village in Bothell, too. They have little hooks throughout the place where one can take/leave a bumbershoot as they stroll around the outdoor shops. It definitely IS a Seattle-only phenomenon where one leaves the salon freshly coiffed yet walks (WALKS) to the car in the rain. (Although, have you ever noticed...our rain isn't really that wet. Then again, maybe I've just built up a tolerance.) :)

Tarah said...

I completely agree, the rain here isn't like most places. It's more of a misty rain but today it was soggy and seeing all those cool umbrellas in Japan just made me want one when the opportunity arose. Plus it kind of soaked me a bit today so that dampened (literally) my morning a bit.

I love the idea of take an umbrella leave an umbrella. I have seen a few places, like U Village, do that. It's a nice concept. :) I love that you do it it too at your shop!!!

Catriona said...

I love that umbrella - were is it from?
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