Saturday, June 20, 2009

My New Report Shoes

I headed East to Bellevue this morning to check out the Report Shoes Sample Sale and man, am I glad I did!! I was expecting a line of ladies when we arrived at 10am but there weren't any at all. We walked right in and joined the women already shopping around. Thankfully there weren't to many at that time so we got first dibs on alot of cute shoes. (It strated to fill up shortly after though).

There were so many cute pairs for $15/$25 that were once $75 and higher... I ended up buying 4 pairs total but could have easily walked out with more. I had a pair of boots in my possession for quite awhile but decided on a pair of heels instead since I won't be wearing those boots anytime soon... You know, with Summer and all... I also was drooling over 3 pairs of HOT trendy heals from their signature collection that were $70 each but originally in the $200 range. It was really hard to decide!

In the end, I went with the idea of what am I really going to get use out of right now. So, I bought 2 pairs of sandals (Tori by R2 and Rayne by Report Footwear), a pair of grey flats (Laney by Report) and a hot pair of their signature line brown Hearst heals.

There was no tax and the money goes to charity - what could be more perfect when shopping for shoes... or anything for that matter!

The sale ends at 1pm so you still have time to head over if you are reading this right now!!! (520 is closed so expect traffic coming home)

Thank you Report for having a sample sale... I'll be at your next one, no worries! Oh and thank you Nurit for meeting up with me, it was fun shoe shopping with you!


Birdie said...

You've got some AMAZING picks there! I love the ankle strap flats and those pumps look amaaaazing!

So sad I couldn't make it, but I hope to meet you soon. :D

Nicole said...

I really appreciate this blog. Keep it up.

I would have gone for it, if I would seen this blog before.

I just purchased "Report shoes with the heels" from Its nice.