Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bon Voyage!

Tonight, in Capitol Hill, Melissa and myself attended the bon voyage party for Bouncing Wall. They have closed thier physical shop but will still be selling online and having Shop Social events. Head on over to their website and sign up for their emails so you'll be in the know! You can't expect me to tell you EVERYTHING!

I was one of the first 30 to RSVP so I snagged a fan-tab-ulous swag bag of all types of goodies! I've laid them out for you and taken a picture for you all to see. I can't help it, I love free stuff! Show me someone who doesn't!

Melissa and I were starving so after a glass of wine and minlging at the party we headed over to the much raved about Marination Mobile. I ordered a miso ginger chicken taco, a kalbi steak taco and a Spam musubi. Melissa had the tofu tacos. It was all so very DELICIOUS!

Melissa had to head out to meet another friend so I went over to Via Tribunali for a glass of Proseco and to look through my swag bag as I hadn't done that yet. After my drink I headed back to the Bouncing Wall party to buy a necklace I had my eye on and couldn't stop thinking about. After I bought it I had the pleasure of meeting the artist, Shayla Rasmussen of Shay D Designs, who was also enjoying the party. So, do you love it?


Philo said...

Love it.

Tarah said...

Hey Philo, where were you? I was hoping to run into you!! :)

What's a happenin'?