Saturday, April 11, 2009


I just got home from an event put on by Darnell Sue, local blogger, DJ, Girl Power Hour and now Glambassador for Glamour!

Apparently, as a Glambassador she hosts events for Glamour in Seattle to introduce new products. Man, I need to get a gig like that, it sounds like a lot of fun!

For this event, several fantastic women met to check out a new mineral-makeup product for Almay via Glamour. I thought we were just going to play around with makeup but what happened was we got free samples from Almay and basically got to network with many women of like minded interestes. The event was even catered and there was red and white wine by Kestrel Vintners. It was a lot of fun!

Several of the attendees I have met at other events but, was of course, happy to see them again! (Darcey, Sara, Jordana, Devon, Sam) Then to top it off I got to meet some new amazing women who also like to blog about fashion or were involed in it somehow (Jess, Summer, Marla, Alix and more). I was so unprepared to network (BAD TARAH!) as I had forgotten my cards. I do that all the time, so bad!! When will I learn? (I'm linking you to their blogs and websites so you too can check out these fantastic ladies. I know I didn't list everyone I met and I'm sorry for that. Please send me your websites and I'll put them up!)

My lovely friends, Melissa and Christine went with me! Thanks for accompanying me chicas!!

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