Monday, April 13, 2009

Barbie Time!

The House of Barbie in Shanghai had their grand opening (March 6th) and after looking through the photos I got a great idea for how to store my current collection of Barbies.

In the Shanghai store, there is this amazing spiral staircase encased by thousands of Barbies. Maybe someday I could steal this idea and use it in my home... A remote part of the house that is as I doubt I could convince the hubby that a Barbie staircase is a good idea... I can try though.

Hopefully, some of you remember my interview with Simon Doonan and how I briefly chatted with him about his husband's involvement in the Barbie Malibu Dream Home... Well there is a video and it's quite extraordinary!!

There are also pictures of the home. (The blonde hair chandelier is kinda of creepy though).

This is an event I would have LOVED to attend!!!

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