Thursday, October 23, 2008

Citizens of Humanity - HURRY!

I have been on the quest for the perfect cardigan lately... it hasn't been easy. Today I got one step closer to that goal... I recently stumbled across a site called RueLaLa and they have tons of online sales of designer items. Today I got an email about a Citizens of Humanity Sale. I jumped on it!

The sale just goes on for today and currently it was at 6 hours to go... I was able to purchase 1 item I wanted (a grey tie cardigan - pictured above) but the main item I wanted (Maritime grey jacket - pictured below) sold out super quickly. You have to be fast people! Sadly, I wasn't fast enough. It was in my shopping cart and when I clicked checkout it told me it sold out - CRAP!

If you miss the sale that's ok, sign up on the site and you'll be notified next time they have a sale. Let them know I recommended you if possible. However, if you can't join but want to let me know and I'll send you an invite. Thanks!! (If you sign up friends you get a $10 credit for each friend - I'm all about that.)

Happy shopping!

P.S. I love Citizen of Humanity jeans! (If you were wondering...)

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Anonymous said...

I love that second one! Thanks for the invite. I am a member of If you are not a member you should definitely check it out. They have huge sales up to 75% off. You don't need an invite for this site though. Anyone can just sign up!