Thursday, September 25, 2008

Seattle Company Picnic

I've been to lots of company picnics, but never have they been this much fun!

We arrived at the Armoury at Lake Union where many local entrepreneurs were talking to each other and they were networking up a storm. There were several vendors setup around the room talking about what it is they do and how they can help you.

My friend, Melissa, came with me to help me take notes on what was going on while I took photos of guests mingling, eating, drinking, dunking each other in the "dunk tank" (it was actually a shower tank of sorts but I was told the water was VERY COLD)... You know all the good things for a successful event. I tried my luck at the dunk tank - no good, I don't have a good pitching arm apparently.

Award time came around and guess what, we won an award - YAY! Urban Fashion Network won the Sideline Entrepreneur (who is moonlighting successfully). Thank you to all who voted for us, we are honored. Once I get the list of all the winners I will post them on here.

Melissa tells me the food was delicious, cesear salad, salmon and a roll. At the bar there was Laughing Buddah for beer and Kestral Winery had white and red wine. I had the white wine and it was delicious!

I wandered around taking photos and talking to people. A few people who were there were Girl Power Hour, Jason Levine of Perfect Pixels, Bridgette Boudreau of Momentum LifeWorks, BJ of Brunette Mix, Darcey Howard of LifeStyled, and many more!!

I feel I met some great folks at the Seattle Company Picnic and now it's time to send them emails and get connected. Happy networking!

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