Thursday, August 7, 2008

Fashion First 2008

Tonight was the big Fashion First event we've been getting ready for. UFN signed up as a sponsor and have been trying to promote it heavily.
(<--- Myself and Dawn)

Regina arrived with me and we valeted the car and then headed in. We had our picture taken on the red carpet - very shi shi!! ;)There were some really well dressed men and women at this event - it's a great place to be seen and to do the seein'!

We headed up to the VIP area once getting our media badges - that is where the free drinks and appetizers are people! I loved the spring rolls that were going around, I could have eaten a whole tray - they were SOOOO GOOD!

We found out there were no seats for us due to a seat counting mishap so we decided to just stay up stairs and try and take pictures from there. They didn't turn out as well as I would have liked but they would have been worse standing in the back and I'm not going to sit on the floor with the other photographers dressed in all black. I wore a white dress, not floor appropriate. Plus, I'm not in this to be a hardcore professional photographer, I take the picts so all of you who didn't go know what the show looked like and for those of you who did to relive it, if you so choose. Someday I'll get a better camera or maybe we can find a photgrapher to work with... We've had offers! :) Check out those pictures here!

Anyways, it was severally hot upstairs (that whole heat rising thing... damn science!) I don't like to sweat unless working out but it was inevitable, it's Summer! The show was well done, I enjoyed it, even if I watched it through the lense of a camera. It's always exciting to see your local designer friends items on the runway and I instantly spotted all the Sabrina Love Handbags and Suzabelle's clothing. Plus, I was happy to see the and Clutch (pictured) segments - they had some great pieces on the catwalk. I NEED TO SHOP! Thankfully, after the show was over, I was able to talk to these ladies and congratulate them on the show - it's always such a big deal to have your pieces on the runway! (Dawn will talk about the actual clothing in the show, she is better at that than I am). :)

The only major snag in the evening came when it was time to leave. I typically go with the if I have nothing nice to say I won't say it at all... But OMG Downtown Valet were so disorganized... Regina and I wanted in line for 45+ minutes after our ticket was taken and as we waited we watched more and more people get their cars... I joked and said I bet we will be last even though we are ahead of all these people. WE WERE! I tried to get my keys and was instructed to not touch the keys or take mine... I didn't see it or I would have insisted I was taking it. Then when everyone was pretty much gone I was like "Seriously where is my car, you took my ticket, we were in line and now everyone around us who was behind us has left" The guy took my ticket stub and low and behold my keys were on the peg board... He finally ran off to get it. I was so annoyed. It might have been a "you have to be there situation". Feeling cranky from the heat, wearing heals that had overstayed their welcome and waiting for 45+ minutes to leave is no fun.

All in all, Fashion First was a fun event to attend and they did pack the place with fashionable people. I would recommend going next year if you missed it.

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