Monday, June 16, 2008

What a Weekend!

This weekend for me was jam packed full of fun and exciting things.

Friday evening included a SIFF film, 'Cherry Blossoms - Hanami', which was EXCELLENT! I loved ever second of it. It's a beautifully made movie (scenery, acting, story, etc...) and it just makes me want to go to Japan EVEN MORE!

By the way, it won the Best Film Golden Space Needle Award for the festival!

Saturday morning was boot camp with Regina and Melissa. Then that afternoon was more SIFF movies: 'Jolene' and then 'Frozen River'. I really enjoyed Jolene. It was an intriguing story about an orphaned girl's journey through life - her journey was very rocky at times. The actress's Jessica Chastain (Jolene) and Frances Fisher (Cindy) were at the screening. Director Dan Ireland was also in attendance and introduced the film (reason why it started late). I wish we could have stayed for the Q&A but with the movie starting late we had to book it to the next theater to see 'Frozen River'. We were about 10 min late to it but thankfully they let us in anyways. Regina loved that movie but I was kinda "Ehhh" about it. I didn't hate it by any means, but I can't say it was my favorite of the festival.

Sunday, Regina and I went for breakfast at Cyclops and then she had to head over to the Cinerama to see Cherry Blossom - Hanami. I wandered around downtown for 2 hours before my haircut at Seven. While wandering, I ended up finding a cute pair of Gladiator sandals at Nordstrom. Then at Macy's I found a dress for me to wear this weekend to my friend Jen's wedding and some cute patent leather sandals/heals to wear with it. I headed over to Seven Salon and had may hair done - just cut this time as there was no time for color, sadly. I had to schedule another appointment to get that taken care of. (I am an impatient person, it killed me to leave w/o it being done, but what can ya do...)

If you haven't ever been to Seven it's quite an experience. They have a DJ spinning and they give you free latte's if you so choose (or water or tea). A haircut is about $75 but they are known for looking at your features and knowing what style of cut and color will work best on you. We didn't actually do this as she didn't really change my hair all that drastically, versus just thinning it out a bit and giving me more layers and thicker bangs. I like it but want to get the color all done before I'll say I love it!

After my haircut, I wandered around some more and called an old friend to catch up. I had a movie to attend at 6pm and didn't see the point in going all the way home via bus to then just turn back around... By 5pm I just couldn't stand being downtown anymore. I hoped on the monorail and headed home. I skipped 'The Whackness' - I'll just see it when it comes out.

Oh, did I mention it was sunny all weekend and beautiful here? We needed that!!

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