Monday, April 7, 2008


I got an email today from Victoria's Secret about these flip flops called FitFlops. Apparently they help tone and shape your legs while walking around... Hmmm... I did a search on them to see what info I could find out. I found a website that has one womans review about them and then several people have left some comments on them as well. Here is another site with reviews. Most are from 2007 but its not like that was years ago... Decide for yourself.

I can't say they are the cutest flip flops I have seen but they also aren't the ugliest either, I might give em a try, who knows. From all my searching they seem to retail at about $50... that might be a little steep for something that "might" work.

One woman mentioned Avon has a knock off Curves pair, but sadly I could not find them for you all. Booo! If you've tried either I'd love to hear your thoughts... or I can just go read the 15 or so on that other site. whatever... :)

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