Wednesday, April 30, 2008


A new obsession for me has become dresses. I am definitelly a jeans and tee girl, but I do like them to be cute and trendy for the most part. One great thing about living in Seattle is I can wear jeans to work everyday. Most people I know here have this luxury... (sorry doctors, attorneys, bankers...)

I love finding cute, easy to throw on, dresses and have since been on that quest. I got an email today from Victoria's Secret about summer dresses and once I visited the link I discovered all sorts of cute reasonable dresses. Most I would not dare wear to work but I would wear them around town... once it gets warmer (pray people, pray! We need lots-o-sun!).

Last weekend I stumbled into my local Ross and found 5 lovely dress (after digging through many racks, mind you). 4 of them retailed for around $275 each at my local Nordstrom but I got them for the low, low price of $29.99.

Bluefly sent an email a week ago about dresses for under $100. Check them out as well as you can find some great pieces there! When is Christian Siriano of Project Runway going to have his collection at Bluefly? Wasn't that part of winning? I can't wait to see what he comes up with!

Old Navy didn't have much when I visited their store but their site seems to offer more selections of dresses. Check them out as well!

Oh, one more of note that I really want but have yet to purchase is from a local line called Out of Line. Beki, the designer, has this adorable Allways Dress that I soooo want!!

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