Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Searching for easy peasy 1 2 3-sy dresses....

This weekend I went to the newer Nordstrom Rack in Southcenter looking for some easy, comfy dresses. I had an idea in my mind as to what I wanted but sadly I had no luck whatsoever. (Ideally I was looking for the kind you can pull on and just throw on a pair of tights... I love this grey one - you can dress it up or down!)

I tried on probably 15 dresses that were kind of in the category I was hoping for... However the ones that I liked ended up having some slight problem - like a hole, a ripped seam, a button missing. It was a huge disappointment!

I know that maybe NR isn't the best place to go for exact needs but I figured I'd find something... Oh well.

I got my SaleMail today and there were a few dresses that would work - and they are on sale!! They all come from shopbop.com, you better hurry though b/c inventory is limited. (I don't tend to go there for items b/c they are really expensive but these dresses are reasonably priced!) I like this grey one b/c it's super simple!

This one is a bit short but technically it's a tunic. I do think it's adorable and looks comfy!! What do you think?

If you know of some great dress sales please let me know!!

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