Monday, January 28, 2008

My 31st Birthday Rocked

This weekend was my 31st birthday! I decided it would be fun to go to a drag show as I had never been to one... by drag show I mean drag QUEEN not drag racing. The name of the show is La Faux.

10 friends and myself met for dinner and a show at Julia's on Broadway in Capitol Hill at 8pm. We felt pretty rushed to eat as they wanted us to get out of the main dining area by 9:30ish so they could setup for the show.

The manager was kind enough to rope off a section of seats for us so we could for sure sit together. That place filled up quickly!!

The show was great - they dressed up as Dolly Parton, Madonna, Cher, Pink, Wanda Sykes, etc... I wish I could have taken pictures but it wasn't allowed. Here are the pictures I did take though.

After the show we went and met a few of the performers, took some photos and then headed to Neighbors to go dancing. Neighbors is a gay dance club that used to be really fun a few years ago. As a woman I could go there to go dancing with my girlfriends and not worry about being hit on by odd guys... Some scummy straight guys have caught on to this as the place had been infiltrated by several of them. Either way we had fun dancing together and those odd guys just made for funny conversation later! The club closes from a 21 and over club at 2am and then opens up to all ages. That was our cue to leave!!

On Sunday I went and had breakfast with Regina at the Salmon Bay Cafe. They were out of gravy so, sadly, no biscuits and gravy for me. I had a scrambler instead... yum! After breakfast I went home and lounged on the couch for hours. I watched some old favorites, Mannequin and Cry Baby. Hubby joined me for Cry Baby - can't say it's on his list of movies he likes but he was a good sport. We watched a few more movies but I kind of dozed in and out here and there.

That night we tried to go to dinner at the Frontier Room only to find out they are closed on Sundays (Damn, I really wanted some BBQ too!). Then we opted for Todai due to the fact you eat free on your birthday. Once we arrived there, and I showed them my ID as proof, they informed me I wouldn't be eating free as it was just 2 of us and they require a party of 4... but they would give me a voucher for next time - LAME!!!! We left and went to Johnny Rockets instead for burgers... The only reason we went there was b/c we also planned to see a movie at Pacific Place (Cloverfield is what we saw... it was ok.) and it was convenient.... The Burgers were tasty and we indulged by splitting a chocolate banana milkshake.

I had a great birthday weekend - thank you to all of those who made it wonderful! And thanks to everyone for their kind birthday wishes!!

To top it all off, when I got to work on Monday, my desk was decorated with balloons and birthday banners... All the balloons had John Mayer's face taped to them. I love it!!

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