Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Perfect way to start Fall...

Labor Day has come and gone so it seems Fall is approaching... quickly! I received my ShopittoMe Mailer today and there was this lovely satin dress that seems perfect for the first day of Fall, which appears to be Sept 23rd...

French Connection 'Mystify Me' Satin Shift Mini Dress was $158 but is now on Sale for $93.90... 40% off, not bad!

So, how was your Labor Day? We had a 4 day weekend at my day job... It was so nice, I didn't do much other than work on the site, relax, watch some movies and cook. I made the mistake of going to Target yesterday... Hell on Earth - all the kids and parents buying school supplies - what was I thinking?! I had to abandon my cart and carry my items b/c there were so many people pushing their carts, not looking you in the eye and being rude... I couldn't handle it.

By the way, what's up with people pushing carts and not looking you in the eye or making an kind of acknowledgment you even exist? I found myself doing it too... You just wanna push your cart and pretend no one else is there - prob. so when you cut them off you don't feel as bad, you can just pretend "whoops, I didn't see you"... When in reality, you did... That is such a bad behavior, we need to break it, I need to break it!!!

Just got a call from the Bellevue Fashion Week people, looks like we get to cover fashion week - I can not wait!!! Stay tuned!!

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