Sunday, August 26, 2007

Hampton's Style

I have never been to the Hampton's nor do I know anyone who owns a home there or who has partied there... I've always had this wish to be invited to one of Diddy's White Parties - it seems if you get that invite then you've "made" it!!

The weekend Jeff & I was invited to a Hampton's themed party in Clyde Hill, a very she she neighborhood in Bellevue - very nice I must say!!! Jeff and I meticulously went over our clothing choices as we wanted to wear the proper attire for the evening. The invite said "Over-the-top preppy, Seaside Swank , Country Club Chic"

Jeff opted for a pink shirt and tan linen pants. He wore slip on shoes with no socks.
I wore a white sun dress with a pearl necklace and earrings. I threw a pale blue cardigan over my shoulders and wore matching blue Coach slip ons and a matching blue straw handbag... We felt so preppy!!

It was a catered event with wonderful finger foods, a signature cocktail, DJ and photographer. They went all out! We had a great time and I am really glad we could go. I had tickets to Rick Springfield last year and wasn't able to make it... (Shut up, I love Rick!!) ;)

Anyways, as we were touring the house I slipped and almost fell down the stairs. I caught myself with my right arm on the banister and popped one of the straps on my dress... Crap! Then as we were sitting and talking I reached for a glass and popped the other strap... Crap! Then when we left I sat down in the car, reached for something on the dashboard and popped another strap... Crap! Now I just had 1 strap holding my dress on - lovely... Needless to say I returned it to Nordstrom's today, which they very graciously took back. By no means was my dress to tight in the straps, they just had no give and apparently weren't sewn on very well... Bummer, it was a cute dress.

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