Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Summer is Approaching!!

I've been on a kick to find cute skirts and shorts and wasn't havng much luck... However, this morning I opened up the Delia's magazine and found several cute skirts and shorts for very reasonable. For just $34.50 you could get several of these adorable skirts or these cute seersucker shorts:

I know Delia's targets teens but I think these 3 items could definitelly work well into your 20's or 30's. Summer is a time to wear bright colors and to show off those tan, or "fake" tan, legs. I will say I think their sizes run a tad bit small so you may wanna go up a size... but noone knows what that tag says except you!

Over the age of 35 and just not feeling my Delia's suggestions? Then check out some of the great pieces at Neiman Marcus!! For $130 you can have this lovely skirt

Or for $71 (Last Call Designer Sale) you can have this cute but simple skirt, it'll go with ANYTHING!

DKNY has these cute shorts for sale for $49.

Last but not least, Nordstroms:
I found a cute floral skirt for $51.90 (it's on sale!!). Sadly that was the only one I liked in their sale section...

Ok, well I could go on and on but I'll spare you all. Happy shopping and enjoy the warm weather if you have it!

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