Thursday, November 6, 2008

GET YR FASH ON Runway Show

Tonight I was accompanied to the GET YR FASH ON Runway Show in West Seattle by Youa and Melissa. The event was held at Mission Bar on California Ave SW. I hadn't ever been to Mission but it's a great bar and the food, from what I hear, was delicious.

I asked the guy at the door where the runway show would be and he pointed to the bar. No way!! Yes way! It was a new one for me but definitely added to the coolness factor of the show. Before each segment they would clear the guests away from the bar, remove the glasses and candles and roll out the "runway carpet." Then after each segment was over they would roll it back up, the patrons would scoot back up to the bar and then it would be business as usual.

First up was designer Jill Lindsey. Her dresses were all very adorable. The color palette was black with a gold dress in the middle. The style of the dresses appeared as if they could be worn by any body shape. You have to love that!

Like A Rockstar was next. The menswear line rocked the runway with it's flamboyant tailored edge. The men strutted their stuff while the crowd cheered them on. It was a lot of fun.

Last, but not least, was Alula, they ended the show with an adorable collection of Spring 2009 dresses, shorts, tops and skirts. The girls threw handkerchief's, flowers and kisses to the crowd. It was flirty and girly - fantastic!

I took photos of the show - I hope you enjoy it as much as the 3 of us did.

I can't wait till their next show! ;)


Yours Truly said...

using a bar as a runway.. that sounds like such an interesting experience. I can't imagine it but the pictures make it seem like it work.

Tarah said...

Yeah, it was pretty cool. They had a rug that fit it exactly, they would roll it out and then roll it back up. :)